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Biological Soil Conditioner FAQ

An FAQ about why bacteria are central to the health of your soil and the growth of your plants


Kind words from farmers and golf course care professionals about the benefits of Bactifeed

Farming applications

Increase the yields of crops as diverse as alfalfa, corn, wheat and many types of produce

Golf course applications

Making your greens and fairways the greenest and healthiest they can be!

Composting Applications

Speed your commercial or personal composting with Bactifeed organic compost accelerator!

Photo / video gallery of successes

View before and after videos and photos of fields and golf courses treated with Bactifeed

Lawn and garden

Bactifeed organic bacteriological soil conditioner makes your lawn greener and your garden bloom

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Pail of dry Bactifeed organic soil conditioner

Southwest Region

David Cohn

Tucson, Arizona Office (520) 869 5666


David Cohn has been working with Bactifeed since 2006. He is originally from Kansas where he received a Business Degree and served in the Marine Corp and Air Force as a helicopter pilot. He began working with Bactifeed after completing his Masters and PhD at the University of Arizona.

Midwest Region

Duane Liddeke / Feed My Soil LLC

Norwich, Kansas Office (620) 491 2745


Duane was born and raised on a farm in south central Kansas and has been involved in production agriculture his whole life. A graduate of Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture, Duane has managed over 60,000 acres of farmland in Kansas, Oklahoma and Colorado. Duane has been with Bactifeed since 2009.

Idaho State

Mike Cohn

Boise, Idaho Office (208) 949 1042


Mike Cohn DVM was born and raised in Kansas. He received his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture in 1986 and his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1988, both from Kansas State University. Mike has practiced veterinary medicine in Boise Idaho since 1993, and currently practices at the Critter Clinic, which he owns. Mike has worked with Bactifeed since 2011 and enjoys the opportunity to help farmers increase their crop yields.

Bactifeed Mexico

Katie Noonan

Sonora Office (011 521) 622 227 2090


Born and raised on a ranch in Sonora, Mexico, Katie grew up with ranching, farming and a respect for healthy soil and its contribution to profitable and sustainable agriculture. Educated in the United States, Katie is fluent in both English and Spanish. She is widely-traveled in Mexico and enjoys helping Mexican farmers maximize the value of their land.

From Raymond W. Stock
Developer of the Bactifeed Soil Treatment System

The Bactifeed Soil Treatment System focuses on the biological, organic and nutrient value of your soil. As we build these vital systems in soil structure we have found that most other problems will be reduced or go away all together, making a healthier growing environment for plant growth.

What we do is not new, farmers have been incorporating some sort of biological or organic practices into to their farming for years. Some of the most common practices include the application of manures and compost. Over the years there have been many products developed that will stimulate biological activity and / or apply organic acids to the soil.

After working with many of these products for over 20 years I have seen many promising results produced in varying degrees with each of them.

In 2004, at the request of several of the farmers I had been working with, I was asked to combine what I had learned over the years and develop a system that would produce faster results, address most soil problems, cost less per acre and was easy to apply.

The results are the Bactifeed Soil Treatment Systems, a program that allows a farmer to produce and apply hundreds of gallons of a liquid rich in biologically active microorganisms on every acre, through the irrigation water.

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Seeing organic bacteriological soil conditioner work in the field

Photos and video of successful Bactifeed soil amendment applications on farms and golf courses

Alfalfa, Yuma, Arizona Grown using organic bacteriological soil conditioner

Look at the regrowth on these fields of alfalfa being treated with Bactifeed! The left half was cut for silage just four days before this photo was taken, the right half was cut for silage the day before the photo.

Faster Alfalfa re-growth after using biological soil remediation

What makes this Bactifeed soil remediation success story even more amazing is that this farm had substantial documented sodium toxicity issues.

The farm was -- and is -- irrigated using free dairy waste water.

The sodium levels in plant tissue samples harvested from these fields were at toxic levels before Bactifeed was applied. No matter how much fertilizer was used, the plants could not utilize it. Water would not penetrate the soil and production was plummeting.

To compound problems, the natural salinity of the well water was determined to reduce yields up to 25% by an independent lab. Even worse, if the farmer continued to use the free dairy wastewater, the added sodium from the manure was determined to reduce yields up to 50%.

The lab recommended a 32% increase in well water applied and heavy application of expensive gypsum if the farmer planned to continue using the free waste water from the dairy.

The farmer chose a different path: he continued using the free dairy waste water and invested just pennies per acre in Bactifeed soil conditioning products.

The results -- and profits -- speak for themselves!

Video about growing alfalfa using Bactifeed biological soil conditioner

Cantelope Grown using organic bacteriological soil conditioner

Healthy cantelope grown in fields treated with biological soil conditioner"Our farm has been growing cantelope for over 20 years.

Not all of the soil in our fields is of equal quality, the main problem being excess salinity in part of our acreage. We first tested Bactifeed on a field which was verified by soil sample to have a much higher sodium content than the surrounding fields.

We noticed that we did not see the yellowing that we had become accustomed to, and the number of bare spots where nothing would grow decreased significantly. At harvest, this inferior field had almost the same production as our untreated better fields. We had increased the production of the test field by nearly 40% even though we reduced our acid and gypsum use.

We now use Bactifeed on all of our acreage and are experiencing record harvests."

Video about growing cantelope using Bactifeed bacteriological soil conditioner

See how much deeper water is absorbed into soil after the use of Bactifeed soil amendment products

The microorganisms in Bactifeed radically increase how deep water penetrates soil.

Just look at these two core samples: the top soil core was taken from a field treated with Bactifeed soil conditioner 10 days after irrigation. Water has been absorbed to a depth of nearly 12 inches.

The core sample below is from an untreated field which was irrigated with the same amount of water at the same time. Water has penetrated barely 5 inches.

Soil core samples

See how Bactifeed microbial soil treatment increases the ability of soil to retain water

These are two clods from fields across from one another that have just been tilled from wheat in preparation for planting produce.

You can tell the field treated with Bactifeed as the soil still holds moisture and the clod disintegrates with a touch, while the clod on the right has no moisture and, when struck with a large hammer, only fractured into three pieces.

Bactifeed not only increased the wheat yield and protein content, but continued to work in the field in preparation for the next crop of produce by reducing the tractor time by over 30% to prep the field.

Soil clods

See how Bactifeed microbial soil treatment stimulates root development

The photo on the left is of the root system of freshly planted alfalfa in an untreated field. The tap root exist unto itself, and there is little root surface to take up nutrients. This crop was not able to be cut for most of it's first year -- planted in October, it was June before the first cut.

The photo on the right is the root system from the same farm in just the first year of Bactifeed soil remediation. Note the tremendous development of the tap roots.

The exponentially increased surface area allowed these plants to absorb all the nutrients the soil had to offer. Planted in October -- the same date as the other field -- this alfalfa cut over two tons per acre on the first cut...in March.

Root system without soil conditionerRoot system with biological soil remediation

Golf Course Application Use organic bacteriological soil conditioners on golf courses!

This golf course is in Arizona. After just 6 months of the use of Bactifeed soil treatment products the entire course became greener than ever before!

In addition to the radical improvement to the appearance and playability of the course, the course required 43 acre-feet -- 14,000,000 gallons -- less water while achieving these results.

The reduced water usage resulted in documented savings of over $34,000 at a cost of only $3,500 of Bactifeed!

Golf Green before Bactifeed soil remediationGolf Green after Bactifeed soil amendment